Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead (2014)

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Number of Views: One
Release Date: 19 September 2014 (Fantastic Fest), 12 February 2015
Sub-Genre: Zombie/Road Movie
Country of Origin: Australia
Budget: $160,000
Running Time: 98 minutes
Director: Kiah Roache-Turner
Producer: Tristan Roache-Turner
Screenplay: Kiah Roache-Turner, Tristan Roache-Turner
Special Effects: Gavin Kyle, Adam Sanders, Nicolle Adrichem
Visual Effects: Arseny Rudchenko
Cinematography: Tim Nagle
Score: Michael Lira
Editing: Kiah Roache-Turner
Studio: Guerilla Films
Distributor: IFC Midnight, Scream Factory
Stars: Jay Gallagher, Bianca Bradey, Leon Burchill, Keith Agius, Berynn Schwerdt, Luke McKenzie, Cain Thompson, Damian Dyke, Catherine Terracini, Meganne West, Yure Covich, Beth Aubrey, Sheridan Harbridge


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I love it when a plan comes together. Brothers Kiah & Tristan Roache-Turner must be over the moon after showing what a little hard graft and dedication can achieve. Their crowdfunded zombie road movie, Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead, is the epitome of a labor of love…

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Drive Angry (2010)

Crimson Quill’s Appraisal #461


Number of Views: One
Release Date: 25 February 2011
Genre: Action/Exploitation
Country of Origin: United States
Budget: $50,000,000
Box Office: $28,900,000
Running Time: 104 minutes
Director: Patrick Lussier
Producer: Rene Besson, Michael DeLuca
Screenplay: Todd Farmer, Patrick Lussier
Special Effects: Gary J. Tunnicliffe
Visual Effects: Gary Hutzel, Glenn Neufeld
Cinematography: Brian Pearson
Score: Michael Wandmacher
Editing: Patrick Lussier, Devin C. Lussier
Studios: Summit Entertainment, Millennium Films, Michael De Luca Productions, Nu Image Films, Saturn Films
Distributors: Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Billy Burke, Tom Atkins, David Morse, Charlotte Ross, Christa Campbell, Katy Mixon, Jack McGee, Todd Farmer, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Arianne Martin


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EverlastStone In My Hand


Road rage is a disease. I’ve seen what it can do to a man and it ain’t pretty. We may suffer from a brittle bone condition which means that taking a…

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Extended Lines

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Cyndi LauperTrue Colors (Instrumental)


How does one pick up the pieces?
Everytime they fall
After all we’re not supposed
To ever drop the ball
How does one rebuild an empire?
Every time it crumbles
Rationale suggests we’re merely humans prone to fumbles


Society seems to know best
Can dissuade staunch believers
And doesn’t have the slightest care
Regarding where that leaves us
Lines can blur, our dreams then fade
Expecting no revival
To many it may seem as though they’re beaten by their rival

man crosses niagara falls on tightrope

So life’s not fair get over it
Or simply give up trying
Unscrupulous these mouths are bitter
Lame and flat out lying
Managing to lift this curse
And not let it define you
Testifies that you’re alive
Extended lines then guide you


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Truly, Really, Clearly, Sin-cerely,

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Eighties Slasher: The Definitive Cut

For all your essential Horror viewing


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Harry ManfrediniFriday The 13th


The eighties slasher will always hold a special place in Keeper’s bloody beating heart. It’s where I earned my stripes as a film aficionado and many of my favorite movies from the epoch bear its mantle. Thus, in my infinite wisdom, I have compiled a thirteen-strong shortlist of the highlights of this thriving decade. This rundown will not take into account sequels, hence the decision not to include Rick Rosenthal’s masterful Halloween II or Joseph Zito’s similarly notable Friday The 13th Part VI: The Final Chapter.

nightmare_on_elm_street walls

After much deliberation I have decided to refrain from paying reverence to Wes Craven’s enigmatic dream weaver Freddy Kruger. This is neither an oversight or an act of defiance by Keeper; simply a decision that A Nightmare on Elm Street not quite fit this particular criteria. Besides, we all know Fred by now; how much can…

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