How Keeper Got His Groove Back


Suggested Audio Candy:

The Jackson SistersI Believe In Miracles


Three guesses what I’ve been up to tonight Grueheads. I’ve been reclaiming my soul. That’s right, the past five hours have been spent finding this elusive tool and milking it for all it’s worth. I know what you’re thinking right now – poor bastard’s gone and grabbed himself a dose of dementia as he’s always harping on about soul. Indeed, it is a favorite topic of mine but, tonight, it was an entirely different strain of soul reacquainting itself. I’m speaking of the groove, the funk, the ants in your pants and the jive in your hive. I’m talking about dancing and that doesn’t equate to an uncomfortable left to right side slide either. There was no “how do I look under these flourescent lights?” and neither was there any “am I pulling a ridiculous face without knowing it?” I…

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