Retro vs. Hereafter


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Waylon JenningsGood Ol’ Boy

6359032453186419681009178335_the good old days

Things were so much different in the good old days. Just saying the words makes me feel like I’ve committed treason. You see, one of the things we say as children, when having this little nugget of sour-grapes wisdom imparted on us by our elders while their finger wags, is that we will never end up the same way. Yet it seems inevitable that time will eventually take its toll as we struggle in vain to keep up with just how much the world we live in has transmogrified since childhood. Change is generally regarded as a positive thing as technology continues to open new doors and simplify our everyday lives. However, it isn’t always beneficial and that’s the precise reason why retro is so appealing. Take vinyl for example. When it was announced that 33s and 45s were to become defunct…

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